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Bonnie McKee - Epic Visual EP QUESTIONS


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It seems to be every couple of months I become obsessed with Bonnie all of a sudden and delve into all her released and unreleased stuff (Bombastic is how you do an EP the proper way BTW), with her releasing the video for Stars in your Heart today a lot of discussion has came up about her ORIGINAL visual EP that was to be released with Epic Records. Presuming that she stayed with Epic and they weren't dickheads towards her what songs do you think would have been on the EP? 

I'm guessing the original tracklist would have looked something like this?!?! 

Bonnie McKee - American Girl

1. American Girl

2. Sleepwalker 

3. S.L.A.Y 

4. Stars in your Heart 

However I'm probably wrong as I'm sure a few of them were recorded in different years and for different versions of her album. So what I'm hoping to do until the day all her Epic tracks are either leaked/ released I think it would be good fun as a community we make either and EP or album with LEAKED and released songs from her Epic days. I would love if you guys would send some suggestions what you think would work and I will pick my favourite and build either an EP or album for you. OBVIOUSLY it won't be official, I just love doing these for artists, I've done them for Neon Hitch, Dua Lipa, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and a load more, I take some loosies, album less singles, features and leaks and build a cohesive project with promo material and stuff. Its kinda like my weird hobby :blush: so with the Bonnie one I need your help with songs recorded when she was signed to Epic! 

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Here's the list :shocked:

Officially Released:

  • American Girl (The demo version also leaked)
  • Sleepwalker
  • Stars In Your Heart (New Version)


  • Bonbarella? (There's pictures of the shooting on her Instagram)
  • Don’t Get Mad, Get Even (Snippet Only)
  • Everything But You (Live Performance Only)
  • Forever 21 (Live Performance Only / There's 2 Versions)
  • Hot City (Live Performance Only)
  • I Wanna Fuckin' Call You (Live Performance Only)
  • Jenny’s Got a Boyfriend (Live Performance Only / The remix version leaked a few days ago)
  • Love Spell (New Version / Live Performance Only)
  • Rewind Your Heart (Live Performance Only)
  • Right Now (Live Performance Only)
  • SLAY (Live Performance Only / There's a snippet of the studio version on Youtube)
  • Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt (Snippet Only)
  • Thunder (New Version / There's pictures of the shooting on her Instagram)
  • Worst In Me (New Version / Snippet / She shot a music video for it back in 2011)

You can see that there are more titles like Outlaw, Mirage, Wild Card, Hit Man & Show Me Your Love on that video she did for Kiss FM.


(There are also two tracks called The Hunger & What's It' Gonna Take and they are both registered BMI/ASCAP / I'm also not counting all the untitled snippets that are on Breaking Bonnie :stretcher:)

These songs are still circulating around the internet:

  • 99 Red Balloons
  • I Get What I Want
  • Marble Steps (Extended)
  • Thunder (Extended)
  • Untitled Track

(She also did a music video for the song To Find You back in 2007-2008 but we'll probbaly never see it since she gave the song to Lea Michele :'()

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9 minutes ago, Countess said:

So according to @nanapop99 there's seven music videos she filmed all up over this period of a few years? :shocked: Plus I think I remember seeing some Instagram photos of a different version of 'Sleepwalker', which could make it eight videos all up. :stretcher: That's almost enough to call it a visual album rather than an EP!

Queen of scrapped releases :hail:

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Right so I'm after finishing the fan-made album it no longer has none of the released Epic songs other than Stars in your Heart because I absolutely adore that song, originally the project was 9 songs then 10 now its 11, I wanna give it a few spins before I post it lol. But its very cohesive and collective its gonna either be 33 mins or 38 depending if I cut one song out. The name of it is called 'Rules of Attraction' (I just made up that name and later found out Bonnie had a song called that that never leaked AND NO that song is not included) I really love that name and feel its super Bonnie. Anyway here it is looking pretty in my iTunes I wanna do more editing and maybe a bit more rejigging to the tracklist before I post. 

One last question since its a fan-made album can I post it in Recording Studio or the album section or will I just make a new topic in here? 


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4 hours ago, Andydrew2 said:

Which is surprising considering her career as a songwriter. You think she would have faired better with a major label. Or I guess that could have been her downfall. Maybe they were expecting too much from her sales wise.

I think the problem is that she gave away so many of her good songs like 'Teenage Dream' and 'Hold It Against Me' to other artists, so by the time she came around the sound she'd developed was already tired. :'( The same thing happened with Ester and Sia, it's the curse of the co-writers! :( 

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