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I have arrived.

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What up fam!

I listen to a little bit of everything, right now I'm on a big Little Mix/Ariana/Ciara kick.

Lifelong faves include Girls Aloud, Britney, and Beyonce.

I'm also into a lot of lesser-known but still flawless groups/singers like Mini Viva, Amelia Lily, A*M*E, and Alexis Strum - basically anyone Xenomania worked with, I'm a fan of.

Tinashe follows me on Twitter.

That's pretty much it...

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Welcome boo, I'm loving your list of faves! <3 Ciara is such a lowkey queen, I remember being obsessed with Fantasy Ride and Basic Instinct when they first came out. :hail:  I'm glad to have you with us, there's a lot of stans for that flop Amelia on here so you'll fit right in! ;) 

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