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I sat down with Temple Angus of the former X Factor (now) five piece for an in depth chat. Here's what she had to say;

How did you meet?
T: A few of us knew each other from previous dancing jobs and realised we shared the same passion for music and Alien was born.

How did you choose the name Alien?
T: We chose the name due to how people were fascinated by our style when we'd be seen in public together and they would look at us as if we were Aliens.

Who influenced your style?
T: We are all very different. We are very inspired by various artists who aren't afraid to express themselves through their fashion and music style; Missy Elliott, Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc.

The X Factor
How did you feel before you went on stage for your first audition?
T: Apart from being exteremely nervous, we were really excited to get out there and show people what we're made of as we'd been rehearsing for quite some time
What were some of the challenges you faced during your time on the show?
T: Bootcamp was a bit challenging as we had to stay up all night to learn the song and we were put into groups.
How did you find working with Cheryl?
T: Cheryl was so lovely, really down to earth, she was like one of us, coming up with sick ideas and showing us dance routines that she wanted us to encorporate. 
 How did you react when you were eliminated from the show?
T: We were upset about it, but we were happy that we stayed true to who we are throughout the show and people got to see that.
Did the X Factor experience change any of you or your dynamic as a band?
T: Yeah it did, it made us more independent, it made us not so naïve, it was a good experience and great platform. It was really fun, we grew close to some of fellow contestants.

Full interview coming soon...

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