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Help Choose PHF's New Emojis

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We've been talking about it for a while, but now's the time to finally do something about it! PHF is introducing popstar emojis, and we want you guys to help us choose which ones to implement. 

To suggest something, just make a post in this thread with the gif you like and the emotion it should be for - for example, ':happy:', ':sad:', ':confused:', etc. You can vote for the emoticons you like by liking the post they are in. At the end of two weeks, we'll tally the votes for each emoji and the winner will have their emoji added! We'll keep adding them over the next few years though, so even if you don't get your emoji included now there's still the potential it will be used in the future.

You can use any gif you like, just keep in mind that each gif will be resized and/or cropped to 60 x 60 pixels so they look nice and neat. ;) So either submit a gif that's 60 x 60 in size or keep in mind that we'll do that if your emoji is chosen.

I'll make a test post below so you guys can see what I mean. Good luck! <3 

giphy.gif giphy.gif giphy.gif

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