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Idk if y'all are like me at all, but I'm scarily obsessive about how my iTunes looks and I'll literally spend weeks organising an artists work to make sure it's all perfect and looks amazing. :stretcher: If you do the same thing and want to show off your collection once it's done, then post in here so everyone else can marvel at all your hard work!

I'll start with my Britney collection, which I finished working on last week.

Britney Spears Collection.png

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2 hours ago, trashmagic said:

Omg what do you have in Future Princess/Introspective/Shock Your Mind/Unapologetic Confessions/Whiteout/Zoned Out? They look great!

They're all just unreleased albums! FP for BOMT, Introspective for Femme Fatale, SYM for Britney, UC for BJ, Whiteout for Blackout and Zoned Out for ITZ. ;) But thanks!

1 hour ago, Teddy Bear said:


My Messy collection! I dont use itunes that much, but I wanted to share it anyways

This doesn't even show up for me! :'( 

13 minutes ago, low kii savage said:

I kno' it's not that big, tho I'm still adding new stuffs (like remixes etc.) [I feel I'm the only one who knows her :'(]

I have no idea who this chick is but your collection is gorgeous! :hail: :hail: :hail: 

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23 minutes ago, low kii savage said:

She is, I could make one since I know pretty much about kpop I guess (mostly girl groups, I'm not that much into boys in kpop :/)

Yasss, let's do it! Just don't pay GG dust. ;) 

14 minutes ago, PERFECTIONIST said:

mines not completely organized :/ my iTunes wont put some songs together and it bugs me


Ugh, mine does that too. :'( The only way I can fix it is if I add the songs to a compilation and then remove them from it, then they seem to stick together.

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