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Dozens killed in Baghdad car bombings

Natalia Kills

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People gather at the scene of a car bomb attack in Baghdad's mainly Shia district of Sadr City


Two car bomb blasts are reported to have rocked the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, just hours after an attack on a market left 64 people dead.

Police sources told the Reuters news agency that at least 15 people had been killed in the northern Kadhimiya area and seven others in the city's west.

A car bomb was also used in the earlier attack at the crowded market in the mainly Shia district of Sadr City.

The Sunni jihadist group Islamic State (IS) claimed it was responsible.

IS, which controls swathes of northern and western Iraq, has frequently targeted Shia, whom it considers heretics.


READ FULL ARTICLE: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-36265245

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9 hours ago, Countess said:

I love how your ten second Teddy Sinclair interview got twenty posts and this article got zero. :stretcher: 

But thanks for letting people know about this. I'm so sick of the media preferencing one life in America over 64 in Baghdad. :vacuum: 

people stay concerned about the godddy sinclair

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Yeah. So much shit happens around the world on a daily basis and nobody cares. It's so sad to think that while we are listening to Ariana's new album, somewhere on the other side of the globe children are being killed. It's sad that we have lots of food and we waste it and people are dying from hunger. The world tends to care about such terrifying issues only when it happens in Europe or the US.  When ISIS attacks European country it's all over the media and massive attacks take place in Iraq every day, but it is considerend by many dailiness. It's sick. I will never understand how is it possible that such things occur in a civilized world...

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You guys are all way more compassionate and understanding than members on other forums. <3 

On topic: this is extremely sad and I agree with @Tweenerthat it's crazy to think how much goes on all around the world. That thought actually crossed my mind while I was looking at my doggy earlier and playing with him. I'm thankful for the life I have, but I also would give, give and give again to make this world better for others.

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