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Carly Rae Jepsen | E•MO•TION (250 Songs List)


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Well, since the remixed version of emotion i wanted to do this thing like a masterpost but to enlist those 250+ songs that carly wrote for emotion. soooo:


Standard Edition

1. Run Away With Me


3. I Really Like You

4. Gimmie Love

5. All That

6. Boy Problems

7. Making the Most of the Night

8. Your Type

9. Let's Get Lost

10. LA Hallucinations

11. Warm Blood

12. When I Needed You


Deluxe Edition

13. Black Heart

14. I Didn’t Just Come Here to Dance

15. Favourite Colour


Target Bonus Tracks

16. Never Get to Hold You

17. Love Again


Side B

18. First Time

19. Higher

20. The One

21. Fever

22. Body Language

23. Cry

24. Store

25. Roses



26. Bullseye

27. Wildflowers

28. Sweet Impossible Love

29. Still In The Game


Given to other Artists

30. When I'm Alone | Given to f(x)



As Long As I Want To

Back Of My Heart

Body Talk

Black Light

Dark Blue

Eternal Summer

Falling For You

Hey Boy

I Admit That There Was Music

I Believe You

Never Wanna Get Kissed Again

Love Amore

Luck In Love


The Martyr

The One


Untitled (About Mike Tyson)

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Good luck with this. When I got to like 40, I gave up.

This is what I managed to compile around the album release:
Black Light (Carly Rae Jepsen/Tobias Gad/Samantha Ronson)
Body Talk (Carly Rae Jepsen/Tobias Gad)
Bullseye LEAKED
Dark Blue
Falling for You
Hey Boy
I Admit That There Was Music
Never Wanna Get Kissed Again
Sweet Impossible Love LEAKED
The Martyr
The One
When I'm Alone (given to f(x))
Wildflower LEAKED

And then she had that weird song about Mike Tyson.


Do you believe in dreams, do you believe in dreams?
The ones you have in your sleep
They never mean that much to me
I was fighting against Mike Tyson
And do you believe in pain?

You said, with that tattoo on his head
Don’t mean that much to me, no, I never let it get to me.

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3 minutes ago, Emily Gilmore said:

Adding onto @Cypher's list:

As Long As I Want To
Back Of My Heart (sampled in BTS video of making the album)
Eternal Summer
I Believe You
Love Amore
Luck in Love

Was "You" actually confirmed? I kept seeing it interchanged with Wildflower.

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8 hours ago, Hawks said:

Maybe she's an independent artists who picks her singles herself and disliked that pop garbage called Max Martin?!

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I don't think Max is garbage, he may write typical pop tunes, but at the end of the day, he can still write better shit than Dr. Rapist could.

8 hours ago, Emily Gilmore said:

We might end up getting it because she revealed very recently she's thinking about releasing a repackaged album because there are more songs she wants people to hear. You can hear the audio here

She should release a compilation album every month for a year containing all the 250 songs.

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