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Which Artist Will Slay 2016?

Main Pop Girl

Which pop girl's album will slay the charts this year?  

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  1. 1. Which pop girl's album will slay the charts this year?

    • Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
    • Azealia Banks - Business and Pleasure
    • Beyoncé - TBA
    • Britney Spears - TBA
    • Birdy - Beautiful Lies
    • Christina Aguilera - TBA
    • Fergie - Double Dutchess
    • Foxes - All I Need
    • Gwen Stefani - This is What the Truth Looks Like
    • Iggy Azalea - Digital Distortion
    • Katy B - Honey
    • Katy Perry - TBA
    • Kerli - TBA
    • Kesha - TBA
    • Kylie Minogue - TBA
    • Lady Gaga - TBA
    • Rihanna - ANTI
    • Sia - This Is Acting
    • Fifth Harmony - 7/27
    • Neon Hitch - Eleutheromaniac

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So this poll was first suggested by @RadiantEdits, but the more I thought about it the more I realised just how big 2016 is gonna be for pop music. :hail: We have new albums out from all the major players - RiRi, Gaga, Bey, Britney, and Katy; the return of icons like Fergie and Gwen; and some unconfirmed albums from people like Kesha and Kylie, and a couple of newcomers as well. Plus, on the male side of things we have Yeezus's new album coming out (praise him :hail: ), a new project from Drake and alleged new work from the Black Eyed Peas (hopefully including Fergie this time!). I honestly don't think we've seen such a big year in pop music since 2009!

What album are you most looking forward to? Out of the main five I'm obviously most excited for Gaga's work, but I think Britney's new album could be interesting if they handle it properly too. Katy always has a few jams and Bey can occasionally come through, even though I find her shtick super boring at this point. And I'm super here for the combeacks of both Gwen and Fergie - they better get their acts together this time. :vacuum: 

How about you guys?

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16 hours ago, LBBH said:

Lily Allen album 4???

OH. :stretcher: If I had more space I'd add it. Maybe I should remove Fifth Harmony to make way for her. ;) 

16 hours ago, RadiantEdits said:

Well get ready boo :popcorn: Neon's coming to snatch our faves! Yard Sale, Sparks, Freedom we're just appitizers o:-) 

Her Londontown Funk is coming, she worked with Mark Ronson (I Think.) :stretcher:

:shocked: :shocked: :shocked: 'Londontown Funk'...Probably 'Gypsy Bus Funk' or 'Locked out of 301'.

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Situation analysis:

Britney Spears will slay if: She releases new music as well as revamps her Las Vegas show

Kesha will slay if: She wins her court case and uses the momentum to promote her new music

Lady Gaga will slay if: She releases new music in early 2016. If she waits to long, the attention she's getting from the Super Bowl performance and David Bowie tribute will die down and people will lose interest.

Beyonce is Beyonce and people will like her even if she farts into a microphone.

Ariana will slay if: She releases something in the vain of "Love Me Harder" as her first single of Moonlight. She needs to scrap anything "Focus" related in terms of composition.

Iggy Azalea will slay if: She releases an album full of bops right before summertime. The girl isn't stupid, and I think she is going for the kill this time.

Azealia Banks will slay if: (insert something about her inability to release properly here)

Now i've saved my favorite two for last:

Gwen Stefani and Fergie will slay if they release anything in the vain of their 2006 work because people are definitely craving that sound from them as of late (especially me.)


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