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Gay & Bisexual Men More Likely to Fat Shame


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Men who identify as gay or bisexual have been shown to ‘fat shame’ one another in a higher rates than the straight community, a new survey has found.

Published by the journal Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, ‘Fat Chance! Experiences and Expectations of Anti-fat Bias in the Gay Male Community’ and is cited as the only study of its kind to measure “weight based prejudice among gay men” empirically.

Referencing two existing studies, researchers explored the issue of fat shaming prevalent throughout the gay community, described in the paper as “anti-fat”, reports Out.

The first study surveyed 215 gay men aged between 18 and 78, exploring “experiences of anti-fat bias” and its correlation to body image. Over one third or respondents experienced direct anti-fat bias and primarily from potential romantic partners, even though the majority were considered to be within a healthy BMI (body mass index) weight range.

In the second study, the levels of anti-fat bias was compared between a group of gay and straight college aged men, and measured the likely outcome if an overweight participant were to approach an attractive romantic partner.

“Gay men reported greater likelihood that the overweight man would be blatantly ignored, treated rudely, or mocked behind his back if he approached an attractive potential romantic partner,” said researchers.

“These studies suggest that anti-fat bias is a challenge for many members of the gay community, even those who are not technically overweight. Additionally, gay men expect other gay men to show these anti-fat biases when looking for a romantic partner.”

Typical gay male hypocrisy. :morning: But I expected more from my bi dudes. #ChaseTheChunk

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On 2/4/2016, 11:04:08, trayertrash said:

So they're shocked to find that men take the body shaming norms they've learned through hetero-patriarchy that they constantly shove onto women and apply it to their sexual preference as well? Yes, so shocking. :morning:

I'm so sick of people blaming everything on this omnipresent entity known as the "patriarchy". :vacuum:  It's such an easy way to dodge personal blame. These faggots have to take responsibility for their own actions, and they can't blame anyone else if they're acting like gaping assholes. :morning: 

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On 3/2/2016 at 8:22 AM, Carcunt said:

Seriously tho i'm really tired of people blaming this as a thing that isn't really relevant anymore lol 

Right? Like if you wanna discuss social issues and place blame, that's fine, but just blaming everything on this abstract Illuminati-like void of a concept known as "the patriarchy" is just kind of silly to me. It's not like we have all these evil white male overlords sitting around a conference table plotting how to annoy minority groups. :vacuum: 

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