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Happy Birthday Hawks!

Main Pop Girl

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Dearest Hawks,

Happy birthday! Even though I'm sure you'll be experiencing growing pains on such a big day, I know that you're a pro at keeping your head up so your not about to go off the deep and anytime soon. <3 Since you first joined I knew you would take my heart, and make it unbroken again with your words. Now everytime I hear you calling I know my shadow has been lifted and the silhouette of wild horses that ran across my mind will never return again. ;) Even though I know you sometimes try to save yourself with beautiful lies, I know that if I lost it all you'd be the one to call!

Hope you have an amazing day boo! <3


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Omg, thank you guys! <3 I didn't expected that at all. Thank You Everyone! winas.gif

@Neon Oh yeah, I hope that we can do something about it ;)

@LBBH :tan: no problem dude

@Countess and finally - that was so sweet and cool and cute and everything else and I feel now so good. Thank You So Much Honey! I didn't expected any wishes, so that slay usage of her newest album tracklist got me like default_brit3.gif so thank you! <3 If i'm ever going to be in Australia I'll try to find you :tan:

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