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I have to say that Lady GaGa does look good at this appearance.  Like others I have seen her looking not that great.  Yes, this is a woman who is always trying to make a statement, for example who will forget the meat dress? I sure won't.  But she proves here just how much of a natural beauty she actually is.  She is also a great singer I don't know why she needs all those gimmicks, who knows.

You should listen to her breakthrough album Born This Way so you can understand her better! :magic:


I hated that whole era.

You clearly didn't listen to Schiße.

There were a few songs I did like,like 'Hair' and 'Hair' 'Judas', and oh yeah, 'Hair'. but The rest sucked ass.

You clearly didn't listen to Schiße.

I did. Then I almost had an stroke.

Because it was pop perfection  :hail:

No, it's bullschiße.

It's better than any song on The Pinkprint, though... :morning:

You're kidding, right?

Not at all. The Pinkprint is a dull and dated piece of work with approximately 3 tracks worth listening to more than once.


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