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Skye vs. Sever vs. eLLa


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A few people have asked me the difference between Skye Sweetnam & her 'alter egos', thus, this thread to explain them.

Skye:  This is the 'real person' (not an alter ego). Skye first gained mild fame in 2003-2004 with her song Tangled Up In Me. Though, it didn't chart in America, it was played a lot on Disney Channel & Radio Disney. Her album, Noise From The Basement, has sold over 71,000 copies, though, it failed to reach top 100 staus, though, in Japan it hit 15.

What does Skye sound like? She was pretty much Disney's version of Avril Lavigne. She had colored hair, a 'rebelious/dark' look compared to other Disney acts. Despite all of this, she has some pretty solid songs. No new Skye music is expected to be released. It's suspected that Sever killed Skye during the Wolves & Witches video.

Sever: Sever is Skye's first known alter-ego and lead singer of the sensational band Sumo Cyco. The first appearance of Sever is debatable. Some fans view the introduction to Server on Facebook in 2011 or from Sumo Cyco's frist single, Danger. Personally, I feel like Skye started experimenting with Sever during the creation of her song Witches & Werewolves. The music was a lot darker & heavier than Skye's, and Skye in fact mentions having an alter ego lurking through the woods.

What does Serer sound like? An angrier version of Taylor Momsen (from The Pretty Reckless) with more elements of metal than pop-rock. The lyrics are a lot darker than Skye's and focus on more of a traditional metal lyrical routine. 

eLLa:  After Skye fans complained about Sever being 'too scary' 'too heavy' and 'not the real Skye', Skye released 5 songs on a new myspace as 'eLLa', her bubblegum pop alter ego. It's the kind of music Disney wanted Skye to make, but she refused due to the lack of originality it would bring.

What does eLLa sound like? She's pretty cheesy, but still cute. The lyrics are about being happy & loving sunshine. eLLa has been kidnapped by Sever, but it's not known if she will be making another appearance or if Sever has/will kill her.

If you have any more questions about them, please feel free to ask.  <3

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The eLLa stuff is cute, haha. I sort of feel it's a big kiss-off to fans who complained rather than it being genuine though, it seems quite sarcastic because of the extreme cuteness and pop sound but maybe that's my perception as I wasn't aware of the story behind it all.

That's exactly what it was. eLLA was never meant to be taken seriously, it's just a big ol' 'fuck you' to fans who kept complaining.

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