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Natalia Kills Working With David Guetta

Main Pop Girl

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Break it up boys! @davidguetta + Giorgio + me = triple Trouble in the studio! http://instagram.com/p/k6KcOEQjfo/

I wonder what she's working on with him? A Trouble re-release or a Nothing But The Beat re-re-re-re-re-release? Either way, it should be an interesting collab. Hopefully it will help her get that #1 she's clearly aiming for. ;)

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Has one of these EDM sessions spawned WJWF?

You wish. :vacuum: #Moist

I'd love to see a  Controversy EDM Version, btw I hope this song slay in the clubs. Because her feat. With LMFAO sucks :morning:

OMG, THAT SONG WAS DREADFUL. :stretcher: I don't even know what the point of her being on that track was, they should have just pitched up RedFoo's voice or something if you weren't gonna hear it anyway.

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12 minutes ago, Crystal <3 said:

Only found out about Louder's existence... anyone have a fanmade single art pls? 

I am out of town so I can’t upload the exact file I’m using… but it’s literally just a touched up version of this pic + cropped


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