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Good Day, Everyone!


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Hello. My forum name is Kyoteki.

My real name is Kylon.

I'm twenty-one years old and I am a bit of a nerd.

I really love Lady Gaga and Pop culture in general.

I am also fascinated in Norse Mythology so I like to geek out about that.

My favorite Genre of music is Electronic, really. I listen to a bunch of other genres, but to get me going play some techno or something.

I watch Anime now and then, so if you like anime we can talk anime.

I usually go to anime cons once a year so yeah

I am also a big RPG Fanatic, I'm making my own RPG using a program.

I'm black and umm das it about my boring life. Feel free to ask me stuff.

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Omg, I need to get into more mythology tbh. I was looking up Greek mythology a few weeks ago and that shit is so crazy. :stretcher: I wanna do a course at university about it but I can't find any!

YASSS at you liking RPG's. Please tell me you're a FF fan. :hail: I need to play XV so bad!

Also this is Miles Jai, he a cutie. <3

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My username is derived from two Japanese words in Kanji, Heaven and Insanity. I made it when I was twelve and it just..Stuck.

That super cool and I know I'm super late but  :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

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I can say a few phrases and stuff, but when it comes to writing out the scripts I get suuuuuper lost. That shit is way too confusing for me. :shocked:

Someone who knows Japanese should come over and read me my Lana magazine hahaha

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