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Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar

Main Pop Girl

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[img width=650 height=20] head1.png

[img width=576 height=865] Bft7FHCCMAAV7Zu.png

[img width=600 height=900] Bft-k14IQAA-Iq9.jpg

[img width=600 height=900] Bft-KxSCIAEQZJI.png

[img width=600 height=900] Bft-M4WCcAE-ZOI.png

[img width=574 height=864] Bft-wwCCQAECXf0.jpg

[img width=572 height=860]http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bft9crXCEAIuYvC.png

[img width=599 height=900] Bft_sOVIcAAas4M.jpg

[img width=600 height=900] Bft_63LCEAATCaZ.jpg

[img width=599 height=337] Bft7T9bCEAAS9zg.png

[img width=575 height=861] Bft-xKgCQAI3McC.jpg

Um. :shocked:


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I'm secretly a famous photographer. 8)

Take my picture, Hollywood. I wanna be a star! :mo:

[img width=576 height=865]


I really want a poster of this. :rockon:

UMM THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. :hail: She looks like a badass version of Elsa from Frozen here! The only Gaga poster I have is some dodgy TFM one from like years ago which is all ripped and gross now, I need a new one. :vacuum:

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