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Rumor: Ultraviolence is finished


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I think it's safe to say this is true! This follows all the producers meeting up and working together which usually happens at the end of production! (Especially for someone like Lana who has a very tight-knit team that she consistently works with.)

I am beyond excited for this, literally can't even handle it right now. :excited:

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Is Lohanthony the guy who Katy Perry always tweets? If so, it sounds like he could actually be a pretty reliable source! But when she says "record" she probably means single, not album.

Also, what's with all these people just like leaking the contents of DM's they get from celebrities? If it was me, I'd keep messaging them to build up a trusting relationship before asking them for nude pics and leaking them everywhere. :morning:

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To be honest! :stretcher: :stretcher: :stretcher:

I'm excited to see what she performs at Coachella. I can't imagine her performing an entire set of old songs cause it's been a couple years since the release of BTD. I would love to hear some new songs! Maybe even some unreleased songs. 8)

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