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Kid Walks Away From a Car Accident Nearly Unharmed


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Check out the crazy video here.

One of the users explained the science behind how the kid got up immediately after being hit.

What kills you when a car hits you is the impact. The white car wasnt moving quick enough to hurt the kid so he knocked him just on the ground. The car drove over his waist and neck which can seem like a gruesome thing but it wouldnt really hurt you. Why? Because the weight of the car is almost evenly distributed. Which means that the wheel that ran over him had a force equal to the weight of the mass directly on top of it. Which I guess is around 100kg/220lbs. That force then again gets divided because of the big surface area the wheel has. So it would not really hurt him in these places. The wheels rode over the side of his neck so no vital things like his breathing pipe got hit. If you want to test this out try it out with your own car. Drive over your foot and you will notice that your foot is not broken. It will just hurt a little bit. It will feel like some guy stood on your foot. No more than that. Miracle? No. Science? Yes.

If you investigate this further you'll read that the kids grandmother (not his mom) who was 56 years old survived it too. They both just had some bruises and scratches.

The thing is if you are all just some uneducated fuck ups that never payed attention at school you'll think that these things are miracles. Everything has a rational explanation.

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Oh, my god, WHAT. That's crazy! That car went right over his head! Maybe the car was tilted up a little bit though, cos it seemed to be balancing over the footpath a little? So it could have just sort of grazed over his head without actually putting any pressure on it?

Also, I paid attention in school, that doesn't mean I have a scientific explanation for how someone can get run over by a car and walk away totally fine. The guy who posted that is a douche. :morning:

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