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How I'm Feeling Today: Day 5


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I get paranoid about the FBI coming and arresting me for torrenting porn so as soon as I'm finished I delete it from my list and don't bother seeding. :stretcher:

But I agree, I hate it when a download gets to like 90% and then flakes out on me. Idiots. :vacuum:

You suck tbh.



[img width=350 height=184] tumblr_lmagbdWe6S1qfqv58.gif

[img width=245 height=206] I_hate_you.gif

[img width=500 height=282] God-I-hate-you.gif

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How I feel has nothing to do with how you feel.

Here's how I feel: excited cause I'm gonna go to the local Urban Outfitters to get my vinyl copy of Night Time, My Time in a couple hours! It'll be the last to literally complete my Sky collection.

Wouldn't it be awful if someone set your house on fire & you had to start over?

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