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Aaron Carter wants Hilary Duff back?


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"When Aaron Carter found out Hilary Duff has separated from Mike Comrie, he instantly followed her on Twitter and is sending DM's to a Hilary stan on twitter explaining how he wants her back."


[img width=536 height=301] aarc4_zps9d6f4e19.png

[img width=500 height=258] aarc2_zpsa12c2706.png

[img width=320 height=354] aarc_zpsaca2a5c1.jpg[

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Um, first of all, whoever he DM'ed was a total douchebag for leaking that shit. :vacuum: Poor kid is spilling his heart out to them and they don't give a fuck!

But isn't he the one who cheated on Hilary with Lindsay? So why is he making out like she's the one who's screwed him over?

She's too hot for him anyway so the discussion's superfluous. :morning:

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That's hilarious. Also, my cousin went to his concert over the summer and she ended up making out with him and he wanted to take her to the bar but she wasn't 21  :shocked:

:shocked: WHAT?! There are so many things wrong with this story...

1. What kind of venue does Aaron Carter even play nowadays? A Walmart parking lot?

2. Why is your cousin going to an Aaron Carter concert? Did she just stop by to buy ARTPOP and see him when she was getting out of her car, or what?

3. How desperate is your cousin to be kissing Aaron Carter?

4. Why are we discussing Aaron Carter at this much length?

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