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How I'm Feeling Today: Day 4


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I have the flu right now, I can't stop being cold, I don't want to eat, my throat hurts to much to drink anything, I've forced myself to drink water & I feel like death. I wish someone would just blow my brains out to stop my head from hurting. I've been trying to stay as far from Lizzy as possible because I don't want my little princess getting sick :'( Good thing I've been pumping a lot of milk because I'm afraid to feed her right now because of being sick + all the meds in my system. It's only 5:10pm, I need it to be at least 8 so I can go to bed. I've been sitting in my recliner for like 4 hours straight just staring at the ceiling because everything hurts  :( I really hate being sick, I have a shitty immune system & it takes me a week or 2 before I feel better. Kill me now please.  :'(

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