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Introducing...Girls B Loud!

Main Pop Girl

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The next best thing to the girls themselves. This show produces the electrifying atmosphere of a real live concert by using custom made tracks, amazing live vocals and harmonies and 5 fast track replica costume changes to capture the image and style of the real Girls Aloud.

Non stop, high energy and fully choreographed show from start to finish. Contains all the hits from the UKs number 1 girl group. The only Girls Aloud Tribute to book! Suitable for all types of audience and events. This is a band you can book with complete confidence. They Promise your audience will B Wowed and B Loud, wanting more!!!

These 5 girls have formed a very close and professional on and off stage relationship whilst working together on various projects over the past 5 years Although only in their 20's they have have collectively gained almost 50 years experience in the entertainments industry.




Kimberley should take notes!

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omg is this real?

YES! :hail: But let's not forget 'Simply Girlz Aloud' and their flawless rendition of 'Something New'. Beats the original imo. :morning:


They don't do Untouchable, so they're dead to me.  :morning:

Omg, you know I only heard the full version of that song the other day and now I am in love. :hail: Sarah's vocals are perfect!

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