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Miley Cyrus pays for a couple at dinner


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Miley Saintrus has done it again!

When she's not twerking, riding nude on a wrecking ball, or singing duets with Britney, the 21 year old is rather down to Earth and actually really sweet!

Miley Cyrus paid for a couple's meal after she disturbed them in a restaurant.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer was reportedly noisy and caused a scene when she and a friend went into an upmarket eatery in New York, but after a couple complained, she immediately went over to apologize.

A witness explained to the National Enquirer: ''She went over and apologized and told the folks, 'I'm sorry, I've just had too much caffeine today.' Then she asked the couple about themselves.''

The pair were celebrating their second wedding anniversary, so generous Miley left $100 to cover their bill and posed for pictures with them.

Miley may be famous for her risqu

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She is sweet after all, meaning all this shit it's crap, so quit Miley, get your long weave and go back to sing about beeing tamed or singing about not beeing Britney Spears (Robot) and your gay anthem Liberty Walk  :vacuum: :vacuum: :vacuum: :vacuum: :vacuum:

It's possible to be a good person and still enjoy showing some skin. :vacuum:

I agree with you on 'Liberslay Walk' tho. :hail:

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