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I got banned from the 78Violet forum because I said AJ looked like a toothless grandma in Hot House & their sexual tension made me uncomfortably horny.

Look at 4:07 4:17 4:30 5:09 5:42 5:49-5:52 tell me that bitch don't look like one.

4:15 4:26 5:02 5:20 5:29-5:35 6:14-6:25 uncomfortable sexual tension

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OMG. :stretcher: Why would they even ban you for that though? I mean apart from the fact it was totally true it's not like you were being really horrible about them or trolling. Their fans are clearly in heat because they haven't had an album to look forward to for like six years. :morning:

They said rude comments aren't allowed & they pretty much ban everyone who doesn't kiss their ass. Umm y'all have legit 4 people on your site, you should feel blessed I came in there & gave life to your forum :morning:

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