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Third PopHatesFags Competition!

Main Pop Girl

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So recently I've noticed we've had a few super-talented graphic designers come our way. We haven't had a competition in a while so I thought we should start a new one for all you guys to participate in!

This competition is aiming to find some new products for the PopHatesFags RedBubble store, which you can find here. All of the submitted works will be uploaded to the RedBubble store, but if you're not okay with that just let me know via a PM and we can maybe work something else out. You will, of course, be given credit for any designs you make for the store.

For this competition, you can submit as many designs as you like, although each will be judged based on individual merit (so you won't be having your images lumped together and judged as a whole, they will be considered separately). For each design you submit, you will receive $50 PHF credits for you to spend in the virtual shop here on PHF. On top of this, the top three submissions will also win some extra credits, and the best submission will win an unreleased song (PM me if you have any queries about what songs you can win ;)).

You can submit designs as one of four things: a poster/print/card; a t-shirt/sticker; an iPhone/phone case; or an iPad case. You can submit the same design in each of the four categories, but you'll only get an extra $15 credits for each one you do (so if you submitted a poster you'd get $50; but if you submitted the same design as a phone case you'd only get $15). Keep in mind, though, that there are specific guidelines you have to follow for each type of product, so you may not be able to submit the same design in each. Click the links above to see what dimensions your works have to be, what colour scheme they must be in, etc. Designs can be about anything but should have some relation to pop culture or the site in general. A poster promoting PHF would be fine, but so would a t-shirt featuring a design of Lana Del Rey with no reference to the site at all. Check our store for examples of what you can do.

To submit your design, simply post it here in this thread, or PM me with a link to the image. The competition will end on the 22nd of September, two weeks from now, and the results will all be judged within the week following that. If you have any questions about the competition (it sounds a bit confusing) just PM me and I'll be happy to explain things to you!

Bye guys!


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Guest JealousGirl

Pretty sure this is about as creative as I get.



Ditto on the no creativeness.

[img width=640 height=640]


It's hard designing things with an iPhone app, these are pretty rough.

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