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Is 'Warrior' A Flop?

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A lot of people are saying that K$'s new album is an irrevocable flop. What are your thoughts? Did it flop or not?

Personally I don't think it was hugely successful, but it wasn't a complete failure either. I expected more success, but everyone has these kinds of falls in their careers: Madonna with MDNA, Gaga (arguably) with BTW, Britney with Blackout, etc. Doesn't necessarily mean she's gone for good.

Your thoughts? :tan:

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I don't honestly think she's done-done. I don't think her career is over in the sense that no one will care about her anymore, but she needs to hire a new promotion team for the new album. This album was hyped until May 2012 came around and there was no news of it. Without the anticipation, people kind of forget about albums because there are so many competitors. Granted, I thought the album was great as a whole, I can definitely see how it could be improved - but I personally like the album the way it is.

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She just needs to keep going and move on past this album. Even though I personally like a lot of the songs (IE: "Last Goodbye", "Only Wanna Dance With You", etc.) I think she needs a more set promotional arc for the next record.

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The gods are clearly angry with her for making "Gold Trans Am" a bonus track. You don't pull that kind of shit in the pop world Ke$ha. It is wrong. You have sinned and now you feel the consequences of your actions.  <3

Yes and she's performing it on tour too. Lord help us. She'll bounce back with Lip$ha tho. Then everyone will appreciate her and see past her one-trick-pony persona. God Bless

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