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    Seven Year Old Girl Suffers For Her Fifth Harmony Love


    Seven year old Brooke Howes is making headline news this week for quite an upsetting reason.

    While heading home one day from school, she was humming a tune by Fifth Harmony to herself when she was suddenly attacked by 3 boys from the same school.

    Howes' mother, Lianne, was waiting for her daughter and saw the whole incident go down from beyond the school gate.

    Allegations range from being pushed over, hit her head, punched, kicked and had her fingers bent back.

    One of the boys is said to have even spat in her face.

    According to Lianne, "she was wearing a summer dress and cardigan so it must have been done with some force to cause marks like that through her clothing."


    Lianne later asked a teacher if her daughter had acted out in school to warrant the treatment she was receiving, but the teacher said she hadn't acted out of the normal, causing the mother to question the behaviour of the boys.

    Brooke is now afraid of attending school in fear that the boys will attack again, so she has currently withdrawn from school to recover from the injuries, both internally and externally.

    The next question is, will Fifth Harmony address this issue or even go one step further and visit this poor girl?

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