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  1. i dont listen to the weeknd at all for one. as for miss mariah (copy + paste from another forum)
  2. i hate seeing the trans card getting pulled. it has nothing to do with her being trans. we went after doja cat before but we know that shes stuck in a contract with him since before Kesha's lawsuits in 2014. kim is different. she was an independent artist without a contract, actively seeking him after 2014. and then in 2020 she signed a contract with a smaller label that has ties to luke. as forr the other people working with him, theyre either not on our radar or dont have enough fame to be on anyone else's
  3. just to add to the (pro-kesha part at least) convo. idk if youve seen these twitter threads, i think ive posted them around PHF before but i cant recall where if i did light and love to everyone
  4. this is exactly how she said that kesha lied. your argument here is invalid.
  5. Meghan herself confirmed this. JLo never knew luke had involvement until later on. as for Moo, i willl give her the benefit of a doubt and say that she was actually shading him by saying "we love everybody, right? haha" (this quote is from another forum)
  6. no its probably just blocked in certain countries. i can see it just fine (this entire time) in the US.
  7. pop music peaked when Kesha released Animal + Cannibal :wink: 



    1. Leaving


      For someone who doesn't seem to like trans people, she thinks about them an awful lot

  9. anybody have UHQ Ava Max photoshoot(s) from her Heaven & Hell era? i wanna make a couple CDs

  10. forgot to promote my Lana masterpost!


  11. ive completely re-done my Kesha collection masterpost <3


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