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  1. I can't wait for the official bitch Version to leak Thanks for this!!
  2. What the hell is that version from tho? Kesha did the demo and it's literally the final album version just changes 'i should kill you' to 'pay you' and 'what did you slip into my drink baby' to 'im drifting right off the brink'
  3. I need new music from Miss Cosgrove desperately *crie*
  4. whoever is charge of the PHF banner needs to update it since Kesha's photo is several years outdated.

  5. Is that your hair or a fur collar of some kind? Either way, yas! Thanks but now it's thinning and I'm loosing it ( T_T)
  6. Kesha ♪ Warrior Lead ♪ C'Mon
  7. So just to go back in time, what am I gonna do about my -2 reputation lol
  8. @Skinny Legend https://www.pophatesflops.com/profile/7596-vixen-eyes/?status=2055&type=status
  9. stream My Own Dance by Kesha.

  10. https://mega.nz/#!5g1gSa6C!VBkcyBenIKEYTmXoLINkPVpOApQujkErvEm5_C9b5Ac not that, no.
  11. i know that. all i was saying was that it was first by Tinashe.
  12. still need it? i havent seen anyone link you to it. i have the original file. i was gonna ask you if you have the John Lennon version (the original) but idk if i have it or not. EDIT: i do have it. in iTunes purchased quality. wait.. demo??
  13. its originally by Tinashe. her label had the album, also titled Joyride, delayed because they were witholding a bunch of her songs to give to Rihanna cos they thought that Rihanna would make them hits. soo glad they let Tinashe release her album (idk if its how she wanted it but i liked the album, other Tinashe fans werent as happy with it as i was)
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