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  1. Just gonna put this here cos I see them around here and if anybody wants to know the tea just ask



    What really escalated this issue was the surfacing of PMs between Scott and one of the players of a graphically sexual nature. The inciting PM, sent by Ruthless, came out of nowhere. He heard someone breathing heavily on a mic chat and felt the need to PM that person and let them know how sexy they found it. What followed was a PM exchange that was basically Ruthless thirsting after this person and even asking them to send him nudes. This person didn’t specifically tell Ruthless to stop but they avoided sending the pictures that were requested. This particular situation was made all the more complicated by the person Ruthless propositioned deciding to back away from the situation because they felt bad for being creeped out by Scott's advances. This person communicated to everyone that this conversation they had with Scott made them very uncomfortable. But without them there to say their part, not much could be done about this. They felt boxed in because they appeared to be consenting and did not communicate their discomfort to Scott directly, but remember that in the moment, many people do not know how to back away from someone attempting to prey on them and will often play along in order for the encounter to end. The fact that they did explicitly avoid sending pictures is a big clue into the fact that this encounter was not being mutually enjoyed. Though I have been made aware that this event is more known about than I’d realized and that it had been a motivating factor in eyes being put on Ruthless. 


  2. Omg the spotify link on the main page has Winter Story by Given 🥺😭

  3. This site is beyond glitchy on mobile 

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      What problems do you have?

  4. Does anybody have Typical Guy? https://kesha.fandom.com/wiki/Demo_albums
  5. I can't wait for the official bitch Version to leak Thanks for this!!
  6. What the hell is that version from tho? Kesha did the demo and it's literally the final album version just changes 'i should kill you' to 'pay you' and 'what did you slip into my drink baby' to 'im drifting right off the brink'
  7. I need new music from Miss Cosgrove desperately *crie*
  8. whoever is charge of the PHF banner needs to update it since Kesha's photo is several years outdated.

  9. Is that your hair or a fur collar of some kind? Either way, yas! Thanks but now it's thinning and I'm loosing it ( T_T)
  10. Kesha ♪ Warrior Lead ♪ C'Mon
  11. So just to go back in time, what am I gonna do about my -2 reputation lol
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