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  1. Alexz Johnson | Still Alive (album)
  2. Thank you! I love the album; been playing non-stop since its release! Shame what little visuals we've gotten from the album, though. Oh, thank you! So sweet of you to say! I loved the aesthetic of the Japanese edition of the album and just ran with it. 🙃 Thank you so much! I could definitely try and do a couple of different ones.
  3. Dua Lipa | Future Nostalgia (album) JoJo | Good to Know (album)
  4. MANDY MOORE | Silver Landings (album)
  5. Oh, wow. This is fucking fantastic!!!! So original and brilliant.
  6. Those all look fucking fantastic! Stellar job. So sleek, clean and high-quality!
  7. Haha. Yes, it is. Those Google Drive links look ten times better! And is a much better representation of your work... 'cause before everything looked quite low quality, and it was disappointing, but I can see it's not!

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