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  1. Latest Updates

    Legitimately thought you got rid of sections... I was scared. I leave for a day and come back to BOOM! Lol!
  2. Albums coming in 2018

    Britney Spears – B10 Cheryl – C5 Liam Payne – LP1 Zayn – Z2
  3. Some Of My Covers

    Much better!
  4. Tomb Raider Appreciation

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider confirmed for 2018; all first letters for each sentence of this announcement spell out S-H-A-D-O-W!
  5. Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape

    Her "apology" is disgusting and dismissive. And the fact people are trying to say this isn't Melanie's fault but Timothy's is fucking gross.
  6. Dynasty

    From THR:
  7. Video Games

    Haha. I'll start playing sometime this week; I'm horrible at building, so I'll probably use pre-downloaded houses, etc. I have some hairs, skins, eyelashes, eyebrows and eyes on deck to be put in. Just gotta figure out how to install on Mac.
  8. Are You Gay?

    To those not voting "gay," this one is for you:
  9. Video Games

    Yeah. I've looked at The Sims Resource and have found [some] stuff. Won't be downloading too much aside from skins, eyelashes and some additional hairs, etc. since CC slows down gameplay. Installing Origin tonight, and the The Sims 4. I'm nervously excited about it!
  10. Dynasty

    I did a quick Google search, and it popped up this information: when she first filed, it resulted in a hung jury, so she filed another suit, and the courts dismissed it. Her lawyer said they planned on appealing the decision, but so far, nothing has come up.
  11. Dynasty

    Not going to lie, there are other actresses I would have cast as Alexis. I'm not quite sure Nicollette is right for the role, especially after what went down at Desperate Housewives. Did that case ever get settled or is she still pursuing it?
  12. Video Games

    The Sims 3 was an open world concept, something that The Sims 4 is not. Thankfully, they fixed a lot of things like re-adding the toddler stage of lifespans and re-inserting swimming pools. The CAS mode is the most expansive I've ever seen in game play, honestly.
  13. Fox News: "Gays Only Care About Pop Music & The Beach"

    I've never liked Fox as a whole, whether in their news broadcasting or their television series, and this alone proves how fucking ignorant they are there.
  14. Fox News: "Gays Only Care About Pop Music & The Beach"

    Um... I hate the beach, so FALSE.
  15. Dynasty

    Soap Opera Digest

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