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  1. Let Britney go to a spa and smoke a joint, haha. #FreeBritney SO glad she seems to be getting her social media back.. but until she's not under a personal conservatorship I'm still going to be hesitant.
  2. It's definitely a Spice Girls tune, but I can completely see why it was axed from Spice.
  3. Meh. She looked so absent during Femme Fatale. I love Glory, too, but I genuinely don't believe she wanted to make that album, despite how amazingly present she sounded.
  4. Personally speaking, after The Singles Collection, she should have retired. Gone out on top of her shit.
  5. It has nothing to do with that, though. They were more than willing to step in. If you watch the video I posted it explains that they were never able to begin their position, because the paperwork was never filed... and it should've been filed in February 2021. As of the filing to withdraw, they were never involved in the role of co-conservator. Now they want out, because they've never been able to serve in their role and feel if Britney doesn't want the conservatorship then she shouldn't. This is NOT a good thing for Britney's sake; if anything, Bessemer should enact their role, ge
  6. And they want to be in court tomorrow to terminate. And, if the court says no, they're asking for July 14 to be a hearing.
  7. Supposedly there was speculation this new game was going to be set in London and with a female antagonist.
  8. I think Disney-ABC did fire her, but, they're allowing her to say it was HER choice to exit, because she still has two-years left in a four-year deal. Ana is ICONIC! A true ICON! She is the conservative who can handle what she says.
  9. I don't know who that is, haha. I just felt like between Viacom's control of the franchise, moving from Logo to VH1 and seemingly casting the same-kind of male on the competition was boring for me.
  10. Supposedly the person who was Meghan's cheerleader at Disney-ABC exited the company, and it allowed her to be fired. I liked Jedediah Bila, but, my hope is that Ana Navarro-Cárdenas is given full-time status as a panelist.
  11. The last season I genuinely watched was the one Bianca Del Rio won.. and last one I actually watched with any kind of watching was Sasha Velour's season.
  12. I completely agree! I remember the GTAIII cheat code which allowed you to change appearances; I always wanted the brunette in the blue coat and shopping bags... I always ended up constantly seeing the blonde hooker. We deserve a female lead for this new game.. and I hope the London rumour comes true.
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