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  1. Dynasty

    I'll probably try and pop it up On Demand sometime today if I have time! So much television, so little fucking time. :-/
  2. hEllo

    Hi-lo! Welcome to PHF! Hope you enjoy it here!
  3. Dynasty

    They definitely did. The CW became dead to me when they cancelled Ringer after one season, yet kept Hart of Dixie, which was a horrible series.
  4. Dynasty

    The CW has been shit since its inception. UPN should've become The CW, and The WB should've remained.
  5. Dynasty

    The first Dynasty was fucking insane, and I loved it. Very camp soap and it worked for primetime. Plus, Sammi Jo in the O.G. series was a female, portrayed by Heather Lockyear.
  6. Dynasty

    The "new" Dynasty is a remake of a series that ran from 1981 to 1989. The character of Alexis was introduced in the second season, as the first Mrs. Carrington, portrayed by Dame Joan Collins. Here is the iconic lilypond fight:
  7. Dynasty

    I hate The CW, but I'll try and get into this. It'll never top the O.G. series, though!
  8. Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    I have the entire Friends series on Blu-ray. Beautiful quality.
  9. Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    Roseanne is a must-watch show! I loved The Nanny. I own that series on DVD, haha!
  10. I nearly broke down; their faces held nothing in them. Blank faces and no body language. It was horrifying. I couldn't imagine. And I'm sure he will be OK! I went into Boston post-marathon bombing, and you can't let the fear stop you from living your life.
  11. Likely due to the [unfortunate] stigma of AIDS/HIV that is attached to the LGBTQ community, despite it being proven heterosexual couples can contract it, as well.
  12. This is still so devastating. I've met one of the victim's families, as they came into my work this weekend, and they look utterly lost. Press have been following them so they require police escorts, etc. It's a sad situation. My friend is going to Vegas this weekend for a concert, so I'm worried fucking sick.
  13. Hugh Hefner Dies at 91

    RIP to him. But, low-key, based on what I've heard, he is a controlling creep to the bunnies who live in the house, and that does not sit well with me.
  14. Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    I watched the first episode and that was it. Tried the Netflix reboot and within 10 minutes I was done again! Haha. The Golden Girls, Roseanne and Friends are my OTP top three comedies from back in the hayday!
  15. Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    Not going to lie, I never got into Gilmore Girls. It just was not my kind of show, honestly. The Golden Girls is tip-top. I watch every morning!

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