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  1. Ruthless Love

    Charmed Reboot

  2. Ruthless Love

    The Royal Wedding Thread

    The fact I woke up to the wedding, when I put a channel on that I did not think would air it, was disappointing. Haha. Oh well. She looked stunning and congratulations to the happy couple! But, no, I did not watch.
  3. Ruthless Love

    Shania Twain Is Cancelled

    Gay dick >>>>>>>>> Republican anything
  4. Ruthless Love

    Crooked Ariana THIEVES From English Group Steps

    I hope they pull a Madonna and do a "Summer of Love" / "No Tears Left to Cry" mashup, 'cause that would be TEA!
  5. Ruthless Love

    Crooked Ariana THIEVES From English Group Steps

    #TeamSTEPS #TeamSOL #TeamSummerofLove
  6. Ruthless Love

    Shania Twain Is Cancelled

    The gays > country music!
  7. Ruthless Love

    The Royal Baby Now Has A Name

    Or GLOC!
  8. Ruthless Love


    I do remember her stating in an interview a few years back that she didn't want to put an album out simply to put an album out. She was enjoying writing for other artists.
  9. Ruthless Love

    Some Of My Covers

  10. Ruthless Love


    Soap Opera Digest
  11. Ruthless Love

    Charlie Puth - Voicenotes

    LOL. It totally wasn't KL. I don't even remember the person's name... but it was back when they were the only one posting on CL, and kept getting called out for their shit artwork and all they could say was, "Thanks! I'll keep doing more!"
  12. Ruthless Love

    Charlie Puth - Voicenotes


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