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  1. I... some of these ppl like The End and Ari fucking died
  2. Apologize for what? You're Joan? Not yet another alt
  3. Pls have some mercy on us and leak this, it's been exactly 33 months since the first snippet of it leaked
  4. I don't think they will continue to downvote people's posts, if it won't affect reputation.
  5. Oh sorry, I just assumed you have a link to it, I hope @Skinny Legend help us
  6. I think you should just DM him the link, do not post it publicly here
  7. Eyes Wide Open, Valentine and Plastic are BOPS
  8. Those 3 are my faves too, I also really like Wherever We Go
  9. Meghan co-wrote the song, she recorded a demo for Jennifer Lopez
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