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  1. Me saying for you to support a artist by buying their music is rude? Oh gosh I thought begging for free music was rude guess I’m in the wrong
  2. The only ones that are leaking are the more common older ones. Nervous Breakdown and TLYGA are not in the hands of these leakers or they would have been leaked already. Nervous Breakdown is a personal fav and I hope it doesn’t leak.
  3. Do you like zella day still 

  4. I’ve been dying for a another witch themed show since Salem and The Secret Circle deserved so much better then they get especially TSC it got canceled after one season left with the beginning of the whole storyline. Salem somewhat is ended on good terms but could have continued in my opinion. However I didn’t care too much for the trailer I prob will still watch the premiere and give it a chance.
  5. Right i feel like it's been too long for Miley girl tho!
  6. My name is Caleb I'm from California and my favs are Nicki Minaj Selena Gomez Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus of course. Lana and Lady Gaga and a load of others but There's are the main I follow.
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