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  1. TheUngaggableWonder

    Discography Request Thread 2.0

    Yes! If you would it would be absolutely MARVELOUS
  2. TheUngaggableWonder

    List of everything The Veronicas

    IDK If they do, But I CERTAINLY do if you would be so kind
  3. TheUngaggableWonder

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Y'all this is her BEST album. The musicality is near immaculate, and Radio On is her best ballad to date. Most impressively, it doesn't feel disingenuous. It still feels like a Kylie album head to toe
  4. TheUngaggableWonder

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

  5. TheUngaggableWonder

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Aight here's my thoughts as the ONLY Kylie Minogue fan in Idaho I love it. What I've loved about Kylie for the longest time is how every one of her musical directions seems very genuine. I think this music is good for her in the way that she'd been doing dance music for 3 albums, I can't blame her for wanting to switch it up. I'm very excited, and I'd hardly call this country. It's just some guitar. It's gonna be good. Get ya weaves ready
  6. TheUngaggableWonder

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Nope, real blood brought on by dry weather 😘
  7. TheUngaggableWonder

    Latest leaks

    I'd also appreciate one, if you would
  8. TheUngaggableWonder

    DISGASTING Banks - Escapades

    The song is a certified bop and that video is exquisite
  9. TheUngaggableWonder

    Fergie - Double Dutchess (Deluxe Visual Experience) [DL]

    You forgot the decryption key, so now it can't be accessed
  10. TheUngaggableWonder

    Fergie - Double Dutchess [Leak]

    Ok so thank you New Zealand for releasing the album early because it's the 22nd there Here you go and TRUST ME the mastered versions were worth the wait Admin's Note: Removed at the request of copyright owners.
  11. TheUngaggableWonder

    Fergie & Husband Josh Duhamel Split

    I think at this point their strong marriage IS the hype. I'm here for it
  12. TheUngaggableWonder

    Fergie & Husband Josh Duhamel Split

    This news destroyed me ngl. They were MY POWER CELEB Couple. Now I just have to hope Chrissy and John last it out
  13. TheUngaggableWonder

    Allie X - Collxtion II (Stripped)

    Since Allie X is releasing the stems for her Collxtion II songs, I'm playing remixer!! I'm going to be posting the "stripped" versions here! Posting downloads as I go along! 1. Paper Love - In Progress 2. Vintage - Unavailable 3. Need You (my favorite so far) - https://mega.nz/#!AM0RlYID!B4iIQ0YbXMeCL3JxSOFJo4jURAPX9ZRHT7rSyQch_hQ 4. Casanova - https://mega.nz/#!EFEh2RpS!9Cup2Gr3w0rVn4ZYorFSZEKVund2cco_pA72X0yp4X0 5. Lifted - Unavailable 6. Simon Says - Unavailable 7. Old Habits Die Hard - Unavailable 8. That's So Us - Unavailable 9. Downtown - https://mega.nz/#!gFV3CSaZ!wSdP1AMFR4jraX5sqfAtD3JuO-3U2kw7sWRaJBA7Kxs 10. True Love Is Violent - Unavailable
  14. TheUngaggableWonder

    Fergie - Double Dutchess [Leak]

    I shit you not when I say I CRIED when I saw this

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