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    Interview: Meet Nova Miller: Pop's Newest, Youngest Superstar


    Nova Miller is no average thirteen year old girl. While most her age would be content snapping candids of their favourite celebrities, Nova would rather be in front of the camera herself, taking selfies with fans; while some might be happy watching X Factor from the comfort of their lounge room, Nova daydreams about rocking the stage as her own, fully-fledged artist. Following the release of her astounding debut single 'Little Miss Perfect' earlier this month, we sat down with pop's newest sensation to discuss her enigmatic past, her exciting present, and her ambitious plans for the future.


    Hiya Nova! How are you today? Where are you chatting to us from?
    Hi! I'm doing fantastic, just finished an hour of dance practice. I'm chatting from lovely Stockholm, Sweden!
    We've heard so much about you from our friend Lolene, who's been singing your praises all over social media for the past couple of months now. How did you meet Lolene, and what have you two been working on together? What has she taught you about the music industry?
    Actually, we met at my dance school. We got talking, I told her I could sing so she invited me to the studio and I guess she liked me because she wanted to work with me after that. I sang a song called 'Buses and Trains' on my guitar, and here we are! So far we've worked a lot on what it means to be an artist. It's not just about having a good singing voice, there is so much more I am learning. We've also been writing songs together which is really fun, I'm so excited!
    As someone who grew up with two professional musicians as parents, you must already have your fair share of knowledge about the industry. Do you think that your upbringing influenced the way you think about music today? How do your parents feel knowing that you've decided to follow in their footsteps?
    It has probably played a role. For example, I was the only one who knew who Frank Sinatra was in third grade. At an early age I learned to play several instruments like the violin, guitar and piano. I guess it just came naturally. My parents are very supportive and happy that I'm into music. They can teach me a lot and I feel really lucky to be from such a musical family!
    In the past few decades, Sweden seems to have become the main epicenter for pop musicians worldwide to work in. People like ABBA, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and even Lolene herself have all been situated in Sweden to work in the past. What do you think it is about your home country that makes it such a gathering place for artists?
    It's true, Sweden has had a fine tradition with great musicians for a long time. I think that music has played a big role here and for the people. We have a lot of music in the schools here. I'm not sure, maybe our language has a lot of melody when you speak it. I'll teach you some Swedish Mo, whenever you are ready!
    Tack så mycket , jag skulle älska det!
    It's pretty amazing to consider that as well as having a full-time singing career you're also attending school on a regular basis! How do you manage to juggle the balance between school, singing and having fun with your friends?
    You know, it is a juggle and a balance but I absolutely love it! Sometimes of course I have to miss a sleepover or two, but my friends are so supportive. Singing and music is all I've ever wanted to do, so it really doesn't feel like a sacrifice - it's more like I'm starting to live my dream. I know hard work pays off, but of course I find time for fun - hello, I'm thirteen!
    We've also been told that you're a strong advocate against bullying. What is it that makes you feel so strongly about the issue? What kind of effects has bullying had on your own life?
    Bullying is such a big problem in schools and I really think it's something that has to stop. I can go crazy just from hearing that someone is getting bullied. There are so many people out there with a lump in their stomachs not wanting to go to school because they basically get mistreated. No one deserves that. But it's not just about the ones that get bullied, it's also about the ones that bully. Why would you do that to a person if you don't have any problems yourself? Everyone in a bullying situation should get help. But it's not just in schools. It's even worse on the internet. People get eating disorders, hurt themselves, get so much anxiety about everything, and that's just because there's a person who chooses to be anonymous. I think that's insane! If I ever get any negative comments on the Internet, I try not to read those things, or I choose to ignore them. My message, as an artist to my fans, is I want everyone to know that they are beautiful and I'm going to tell them that by singing about it.
    You recently released the lyric video for buzz single 'Little Miss Perfect' on YouTube which received a great reaction from fans! How do you feel about your music finally getting out in the world? Do you have any plans for a debut single or music video yet?
    I'm so glad to finally share my music with the world. There's so many more exciting things to come, I'm working really hard right now to make that happen. I just want to thank everybody for sharing and all the positive comments, they make me so happy. All I can say right now is that there will be more songs as soon as they are ready and I will be announcing my new major label contract really soon which is awesome!
    That's amazing, congratulations! We know that for the past few months you've been working on your debut EP, which is due out early next year. How would you describe the sound and lyrics of the EP for someone who's never heard a Nova Miller song before?
    I would say my sound is very guitar driven. There are both slow and faster songs. My lyrics are so much about stuff that people go through at my age. I want other teenagers to listen to my music and feel like they can relate to it, so it could be about anything that happens in regular life. I like to be somewhat of a storyteller and I always try to have a positive tone to my songs.
    You've cited some of your inspirations as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Christina Aguilera. What is it about these artists that draws you to their music?
    I admire their vocal abilities and I think their music is amazing. I really like to play instruments like guitar and piano and Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars do that too. I started listening to Christina Aguilera when I was six years and I was so impressed that she could sing all these big notes and wail because I had never heard anyone like that before. I remember standing in my room listening to 'Ain't No Other Man' from her album Back To Basic and I tried so hard to sing like her. She is my biggest inspiration! They all put on great shows and I really hope to have a career as big as theirs one day.
    Other than those three artists, are there any other musicians you're dying to collaborate with?
    I think that John Legend is a very good singer, songwriter and pianist and I would love to work with him! Actually, I am in January, and that's amazing! I still can't believe it.
    What can your fans expect from you in the coming months?
    Please keep up with all my news on my Facebook page or my blog, I'm always updating that, it's really fun. You can expect more videos and come along on my journey into music and see all the fun we get up to.
    Are there any last words you'd like to say to our readers?
    I just want to thank each and every one for such an amazing response so far! Every like, every follow, every comment or share is truly appreciated. Thank you, thank you!
    Nova, thank you so much for our time! We really appreciate you taking the time to answer all these questions. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us over the coming months!
    Thank you so much Mo for this awesome interview, such great questions. Big hugs from me and Lolene says hi!

    Dying to know more about Nova Miller? Don't forget to keep up to date with all of her social media (Nova currently posts regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and check out her blog here! Plus, check out this awesome video featuring Nova and her mentor Lolene below.

    Thank you so much to Nova for an amazing interview, and to Lolene and Julia for helping us organise it! Don't forget to leave your thoughts on this impressive up-and-comer in the comments below and check out our interview with her mentor Lolene here.

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