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  1. Money might be the reason if it's true what some members are suggesting here, that max Martin or other producers would charge her for releasing the music she owes the masters to. If that isn't t the case, only the cost of mastering and releasing them on streamings shouldn't be a reason, since the money she'd spend would probably be a great investment based on how good the music is. I think the reason for the teasing and not releasing may be unmet expectations. If the success she idealised when making the music doesn't come true, since pop music is not really big on mainstream now, she’d rather
  2. Me too. I am also hoping we like the released versions better, so we have all of our favorite songs in perfect quality and we can live happily ever after
  3. My choice would be S.L.A.Y. Rewind your heart So called life Electric Heaven Everything but you Somebody's gonna get hurt Love you to pieces Forever 21 Hot city Last call lover if she includes these ones I’m happy. I don’t think she should include already released songs because of timing, although they are great (American girl, Sleepwalker and stars in your heart)
  4. When she said “I fuck it up cause I got thorns” I thought it was a reference to “Thorns”, so that would make it recent
  5. Guys, I loved Don’t Talk Back. It’s already one of my favorites.
  6. Though I’d still appreciate them professionally mastered and in lossless quality
  7. I got that you are not too much into ballads since you don’t like Love Spell either. It’s all about taste 😛 I’m glad you guys love outlaw. I think all of the songs we have could use a little bit more polishing. I can see it based on how Everything But You sounds better now that we heard it finalized
  8. I agree with your opinion on UYL and DGMGF. And Outlaw is a good song but it does sound like something Kesha would release in 2010. I like electric heaven, cause I love the verses, but I see your point cause I think the chorus is not the best (just like hot city). I guess we agree on a lot, except for stars in your heart 😢
  9. S.L.A.Y. Stars in Your Heart So Called Life Sleepwalker American Girl Rewind Your Heart Love You to Pieces Hit Me Up Electric Heaven Waking Up Diagonal Hot City I Wanna Fucking Call You Everything But You Love Spell Outlaw Last Call Lover Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt Jenny's Got a Boyfriend Don't Get Mad, Get Famous Unlock Your Love
  10. Vocals are slightly different I guess. Specially on the spoken part, when she says "Sayonara". Sounds more like the way Miranda says it
  11. Can't find the leaks thread. Could someone post the dl links? Thank youu
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