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      In a world where people are preoccupied with the rat race and days race by irretrievably, it's important to reflect on the question, "Why do we live so fast?". Do we have to take the plunge into routine and get stuck in it forever, seeing our life and its billions of opportunities pass us by? What if one day we wake up and realize that we're 50 with no personal accomplishments to include in our memoirs? This is the sad truth of our contemporary world. We are young, then there is a period of work, and we are old already. 
      And what about those who are already old? Should they feel like they are running out of time? Hopeless? Senseless? Should they spend their days worrying about their bodies being transformed? I may ask a lot of questions, but I think that the majority of us can relate to the feeling.
      Well, the answer is, to channel Shania Twain's song title: 'Nah!'. Instead of complaining about our lives being boring, we should do something about it. Age ain't nothing but a number and we should bear that in mind. We are as old as we feel we are so why not feel young all the time?
      My recipe? Go on a walk, ride on a bike, meet with friends, find love and stream our third PHF Song of the Week!
      Music legend Miley Cyrus has dropped her brand new single 'Younger Now', the title track from her upcoming album, and she has also revealed an amazing new video for the song which made me pick her as our official third PHF Song Of The Week!
      In the video for 'Younger Now', Miley pays homage to her country roots and the older generations of those among us. The great message of the song is that even though Miley has gotten older, she feels younger than ever with a zest for life. She wants older people to feel the same. Despite your body getting saggy, you should appreciate the gift of life and live it to the fullest. She sings: "No one stays the same, you know what goes up must come down. Change is a thing you can count on, I feel so much younger now." This sentiment is presented with the help of elderly ladies performing circus tricks and the final dance sequence, which brings back memories of old 60s performance videos. Her fans may also think of her iconic dance sequence for 'Hoedown Throwdown' from Hannah Montana: The Movie. It's a heart warmer! Miley also channels one of her biggest musical inspirations Elvis Presley in the video, as she's dressed in a rhinestone jumpsuit while recreating his puppet show scene from the movie G.I. Blues.
      Miley has also unveiled her album's artwork and tracklisting. Younger Now, released on September 29, is 11 tracks long and features one collaboration with Miley's godmother Dolly Parton.

      What do you think of the song? Pre-order Younger Now on iTunes and stream the song on Spotify NOW!
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      Pop music is more varied than it's ever been, and trends are coming, going and overlapping like never before. From tropical pop to Latin vibes to sparsely produced techno-inspired EDM, there's a plethora of genres available for listeners. And if releases from three of the worlds most influential female artists are anything to go by, it seems as though country may be the new waters that the pop world is set to start charting.
      As tends to be the way, Lady Gaga started the trend with last year's Joanne. Although it received mixed reviews upon release, Joanne has proven to be one of Gaga's most iconic eras, and included the biggest Super Bowl half-time show performance in the history of the game, a sold out world tour, a well-received Coachella performance and some of the best visuals she's put out in years. Joanne also explored an unashamedly hillbilly vibe, from the foot-stomping rock techno fusion in lead single 'Perfect Illusion' to the soulful, heartbroken country diva we hear in the album's biggest hit, 'Million Reasons'. But for all it's successes, there was always something that seemed somewhat insincere about Joanne. Gaga has the laidback attitude and damaged pipes to pull off country music, but her transformation into a backwoods babe never seemed quite fully realised - perhaps because she was still dipping her toes into heavy metal with Metallica and releasing dance-pop bops like 'The Cure'.
      On the other hand, Kesha's recent release Rainbow has to be one of the most natural progressions into country and rock we've ever seen. Kesha has long expressed an interest in returning to her Nashville roots - 2012's Warrior was originally envisioned as Spandex on the Distant Horizon, a "cock-pop" album (which was to be a fusion of country, rock and pop). But label issues and a well-publicised lawsuit in which she accused former producer Dr. Luke of rape stopped her from making the album of her dreams - until now. Rainbow excels at showing off Kesha's stellar and previously under-utilised songwriting skills, such as with lead single 'Praying' which is sure to never leave a dry eye in the house. But the spirit of the old party girl Ke$ha is still alive in the album, as we can hear in songs like the boisterous 'Woman' or the sassy 'Let 'Em Talk'. Far more than Gaga did with her somewhat pretentious notion of continuing her dead aunt's legacy through a pink hat and a guitar, Kesha has nailed a natural progression from her old pop sound to the cock pop she's long wanted to explore, and we can't wait to see where she goes next.
      But Kesha and Gaga aren't the only ones to explore country in their new releases. Miley Cyrus's upcoming album Younger Now is also set to explore a countrified sound, and we can't say it's unexpected. Like Kesha, Miley started her life in Nashville surrounded by country music, but has rebelled against her upbringing with recent forays into pop and R&B. Now with new single 'Malibu', Miley has returned to country with acoustic guitar, sprawling vocals and a refreshed, transformative message to match. All we can hope is that Miley is still able to maintain the sassiness she exuded during #Bangerz into some of these new songs - a fully acoustic album would be a little too much for us.
      So far the country music trend hasn't seemed to pervade the rest of the pop world outside of these three women. There's relatively few indie breakthroughs exploring it, and there don't seem to be any males making waves in pop music with this kind of sound. But with each of these women finding success with their sound, it's unlikely it will stay that way for too long.
      More interesting is what exactly is causing the shift towards country. Are people searching for true old-fashioned American values in a time when many are questioning what it means to be a patriot under Donald Trump? Or maybe the stories of lone rangers in the wilderness appeal to these three hardly done by women?
      Let us know your thoughts about the country revolution in the comments below!

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