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5 minutes ago, iheart98 said:

Are you all dumb ?

I can only speak for myself.  And the answer to that question, is.....YES.  LOL.  Oooops. 


And @Kara I humbly apologize to you.  I stand before you with shame and embarrassment for my oversight.  Thank you for sharing. 

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found some more files in my Livvi folder, possibly fake, i'd love to check with you/add if they are real:

How Low Can You Go https://wi.to/58e9f6205f9b544b

Don't Wake Me Up https://wi.to/b18213a8daf4ee31

Hit'N'Run snippet https://wi.to/a7143a37021b7934

This Is A Raid https://wi.to/1cb6e62bab291486 sounds a bit different than the one posted here, maybe just LQ or filtered...

Free  https://wi.to/299c78be5871bcc7 sounds like version 1 posted here but longer (maybe the one posted is radio edit or something)

These two were released iirc :

In The Dark feat.Wilkinson https://wi.to/7c2fb3b83ed66319

Through The Blinds feat. Simon Pipe  https://wi.to/bdd017c6044708ac

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Just now, Kara said:

I don't know about Hit'N'Run but Free is the same version than the "version 2" i uploaded, and This Is A Raid is also the same. 
Thanks for the last two songs.

This is a raid sounds a lot more distorted than the one you posted (maybe it's just LQ), and Free has a slightly different beat/arrangement, you can hear it the best at 0.09 - 0.19

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