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  1. A long snippet of "Can We Go Back" demo by Che'Nelle leaked https://wi.to/92493f1ae9d74ae8
  2. Nicola Roberts - Not That Kind Of Girl (snippet) https://wi.to/223843ccaaca5854 Nicola Roberts - Baby In The Corner [Demo Monitor Mix] https://wi.to/2bd341378d4a6fb8 Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum [Demo] https://wi.to/c0ac16c12e8dfc76 Nicola Roberts - Dance In The Rain [Demo] https://wi.to/adf8b087056dba04 Nicola Roberts - Dating https://wi.to/2968599d97bda953 Nicola Roberts - Nothing [Demo] https://wi.to/4abf0c6d77f4cd15 Nicola Roberts - Poison https://wi.to/44c61c1deedc7a9b Nicola Roberts - Pray (snippet) https://wi.to/d405904e2ae7885a Nicola Roberts - Sleep With Open Eyes https://wi.to/4cdf79a3685502e8 Nicola Roberts - Sticks + Stones [Demo] https://wi.to/c64924e902a5d7de Nicola Roberts - You Cant Forget Me (snippet) https://wi.to/312daf4da6e16e04
  3. In the same time, you don't share your Cheryl tracks, so why people would share their Nicola tracks ?
  4. @addictedsober do you still have the demo of Kelly Osbourne's More Than Life ?
  5. Maybe. But i do recognize Gaga voice in the snippet. Maybe she also recorded the song.
  6. So Gaga make a cover of the "Crying At the Disco" song ? https://wi.to/f80bfa1ba22358bd https://wi.to/b3df33d5a8d885cd
  7. @bemargo Thank you so much. 😊 Your links for Painkiller solo and feat are the same, Painkiller solo is missing.
  8. It's here https://dbree.org/v/9c357f is it what you are looking for ?
  9. Yes please ! Do it King ! Also if you have the unreleaseds leaked age ago, i would be very grateful
  10. Do you have the cd1 and More Than Life (Demo for Kelly Osbourne) ?
  11. My Son, no i don't include a one single folder on my threads because i am constantly uploading them and that would force me to also upload the one single folder and would take me too much time. If i had a mega, dropbox or google drive account where it's easy to just add a song i would have done it, but i don't.
  12. OMG ! Thank you so much And this demo is just amazing, i love it.

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