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Terrible Songs Thread


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I thought why not share some awful songs and cringe together :popcorn:

This whole album sounds like ARTPOP and Charli XCX's recent work but without any musical structure or talent:awkwardney:


Her daughter makes music too. It's not much better than the song above tho:stretcher:

Here we have a basic Purpose sounding beat with some tiktok girl who faked her pregnancy and cant sing. I hope she gets sued by the Monroe estate or by Sesame Street:die:


ya'll remember that guy who sounded like Tones & I abou six years ago who went viral? he's now making religious music :morning:

post some more cringey music below :cypher:

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1 hour ago, Skinny Legend said:

I swear the video hadn't even loaded and I knew you would be talking about Farrah... :cackle: That whole album is so bizarre but it's honestly so weird that I can't help but like it in some way.

My choices are a little more mainstream but:



the ariana one is a bop wdym :cypher:

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Guest worlds-okayest

A grown ass 33 year old man and serial abuser calling himself a "broken boy" and saying that he's "sorry for the way i behaved / but i'm not sorry for the man i became"...this is shockingly embarrassing :stretcher:

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