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Even The Grammy Awards Commitee Dislikes Ariana Grande

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Due to a disagreement with Grammy producers over which songs she would perform, Ariana Grande, who has been featured on billboards promoting the show all over Los Angeles, not only won’t be performing at the Feb. 10 show, she will not even be attending it, according to sources close to the situation.

An insider tells Variety that Grande felt “insulted” after producers initially refused to allow her to perform “7 Rings,” the latest single from her forthcoming album “Thank U, Next” (which arrives Friday, two days before the Grammys). A compromise was reached whereby “7 Rings” would be part of a medley, but Grande pulled out after producers insisted that the second song be of their choosing. The source added that such stipulations were not imposed on other performers at the show. Reps for the Grammys did not immediately respond to Variety‘s requests for comment. (The news of Grande’s dispute with the Grammys over song choice was first reported by Hits.)

The situation is more than a little similar to the impasse the Grammys reached with Lorde last year, whereby they declined to let her perform a song from her “Melodrama” album — one of the five Album of the Year nominees — and instead offered her a spot during the show’s Tom Petty tribute, which she declined.

Grande is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Performance (for “God Is a Woman”) and Best Pop Vocal Album (for 2018’s “Sweetener”).


I guess even the Grammy's aren't gonna stand for this absolute mess of a song. :wink: 

Honestly though, I'm a little shocked that the Grammy's would cancel one of the world's biggest popstars today over such a small issue as her performing the song that she wants to. They even tried to tell Gaga what she could perform this year, although she fought back and as far as we know she's still attending the show. I don't care for Ariana (and I'm happy to see this turd of a song get shaded :cackle:), but if the Grammy's committee wants their show to remain relevant they really need to start treating their talent with a little more respect.

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This girl just doesn't know when to quit, does she? 

Not only did she attempt a failed passive aggressive drag on the Grammy's via Twitter...

She also shaded Cardi B's win just because her dead ex-boyfriend (who she's barely shown any care for since they broke up years ago) didn't get an award...

I really just can't stand this girl's personality at all. She honestly thinks she's god's gift to the world when all she's doing is copying Mariah's vocal stylings from the 90s and writing incredibly generic, and nine times out of ten boring, pop songs. I'm so sick of her passive aggressive, entitled attitude towards everything and thinking that she can fix world poverty with a tweet. Gurl, if you're going to be a bitch, own the fact that you're a bitch. Otherwise, sit down, shut up, lick a donut and go back to writing shitty reductive songs about the hair you buy on AliExpress.

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