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Britney Spears - Glory Goes Acoustic


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“The acoustic guitar loop being the focus of the song, I knew that needed to stay and we had to build something around it. That’s where Nick came in and helped take it to the next level, giving it a moody, sexy vibe, whilst staying faithful to the original album version – the entire instrumental was just re-arranged from what was already there, unlike “Moon.” The best part, though, was definitely working with her vocals there – with the exception of a very few ad-libs that were already pitch-corrected, I’d say 90% or even 95% of it is as raw as it gets, with absolutely no Auto-Tune or Melodyne whatsoever, just like she had originally recorded it. The most impressive, I’d say, is how consistent she was throughout that session. It’s not like we had to dig through hundreds of takes to try and salvage something; she nailed take after take, trying out different things and new adlibs, so we actually had a lot of great and really solid source material to choose from!”
The stripped-down acoustic mixes are not just proof that Britney’s voice is no mere studio production (she sounds great — the way she sings “No Seas Cortes”!), but further evidence that Glory still has plenty of potential for more promo if The Powers That B (In The Mix) wanted to take it to the next level, baybeh. (Reality check: they probably won’t.) Also, this piano-led “Man On The Moon” reinterpretation proves that the song is, in fact, her most beautifully upsetting ballad since “Everytime.”


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