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How do you filter instrumental/acapellas?


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For acapellas you need a lossless version of the instrumental and a lossless version of the original, from there you can invert the audio or something and get the acapella

Never actually done it before but yeah that's the main way people get clean acapellas without using expensive software

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---From a completely amateur perspective---

Also, if there isn't an instrumental version of the song you have in mind, you can also use the high pass filter. The more selective you are in your values though, the vocals too will be less defined. It's a much more imperfect method, but another option.

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I have never being able to filter good instrumentals, but I have filtered pretty decent acapellas sometimes.

I invert the waveforms of the instrumental, put it side to side with the original version and record it. There are chances of a track not being filtered, especially when the waveforms of the original and the instrumental do not coincide (sometimes actual official instrumentals do not coincide with the waveforms of the main track, for reasons I do not understand). This can be done either in Audacity or Adobe Audition.

I also use Utagoe, but it took me years to understand how it works as the tools have either Chinese characters or a string of question marks as names. However, vocals are always damaged and sound a bit robotic, depending on how much filter I apply to it.

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