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Vanessa Hudgens is on the studio recording a "surprise"

Baby V Alex

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2 hours ago, Style said:

Have only ever been a fan of Say OK, but I'd be interested in hearing what she has to offer now.

Come Back To Me, Sneakernight (the production on this one was bad), Say Ok, Let's Dance, and First Bad Habit are probably my favorite songs by her.

+ HSM stuff of course, but it doesn't count as her doscography ( tho Gotta Go My Own Way was my fuckin jam) :lol:

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24 minutes ago, Zach said:

Her second album is completely underrated, imo. It was overshadowed by Hollywood Records being complete dumbasses and releasing Sneakernight as the lead single.

I don't see this being for V3, more like a one-off single like Ashley Tisdale's You're Always There.

And giving the money to promote Miley's first solo album which wasn't that good

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20 minutes ago, Baby V Alex said:

Checks your signature*

Checks out*



Bye, keep cutting yourself to 7 things

I forgot to delete my signature a long time ago. At least they all have a career and still release music to this day or are touring. Can't say the same avec Vanessa Hudnfrlskf I forgot her name

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