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Gaga & Katy Dragged Into Kesha's Sexual Abuse Case

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Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have been dragged into the ongoing legal battle between Kesha and her former music producer Dr Luke stemming from her accusations of sexual assault.

A text message from April 2016 that Kesha sent to Lady Gaga was added to evidence earlier this year, and a judge has given Dr Luke - whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald - the green light to show the message to the Poker Face singer and pop star Perry.

The evidence was presented as part of a hearing on December 26 in New York, when both parties worked to hash out an agreement on discovery, deciding which documents and records they will exchange with one another.

The contents of the text message from Kesha to Lady Gaga is unknown and has been sealed by a judge.

Dr Luke sued Kesha's lawyer in 2014 after the lawyer claimed on social media that the music producer raped Lady Gaga. Dr Luke and Lady Gaga both denied the allegation. Gaga did, however, speak out in support of Kesha. She said: 'I feel like she's being very publicly shamed for something that happens in the music industry all the time, to women and men. 'I just want to stand by her side because I can't watch another woman that went through what I've been through suffer.'

Perry has not publicly commented on the Dr Luke/Kesha legal battle and it is unknown why Dr Luke has been given permission to show her the text message.

The court order shows that Kesha will not have to produce certain emails, but has agreed to turn over drafts of her original complaint against Dr Luke.

As for the text message from Kesha to Lady Gaga, a judge ruled that Dr Luke 'may share with Lady Gaga and Perry the April 2016 text that Kesha sent to Lady Gaga, which Kesha turned over in discovery.'

I'm kinda lost about this tbh...So Kesha sent a message to Gaga last year which Luke is now requesting to show to Katy and Gaga outside of court? But why does he want to show Gaga, let alone Katy who doesn't even seem to be involved? Unless the message says "I'm lying about being raped," but even then Gaga would already know about it. :stretcher: Someone please explain!

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9 minutes ago, Baby V Alex said:

Poor Kesha. About Katy when asked about Rise she said that wasn't produced by Luke in a way that made me believe he is not involved with her anymore.

That's what I thought too until I read an article exposing that it was Luke who helped 'Rise' get chosen as the Olympics theme song... :stretcher: 

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