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Florence and the Machine's fan with a cancer dies.


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The 15-year-old cancer patient who dueted with Florence & The Machine in a viral video earlier this year has died. 
Karinya Chen, who battled bone cancer for five years, passed away in Austin, Texas, on Saturday.
She touched millions of people around the world when she perfectly harmonized with the British Grammy-winning band while lying in her hospice ward in May. 
Karinya had bought tickets to see the band in Austin. But as her bone cancer advanced, doctors said she was too sick to go.
However, staff at Hospice Austin's Christopher House brought the concert to Karinya.
They contacted Florence Welch, the 29-year-old lead singer, who dropped all her travel plans to hold an impromptu private gig at Karinya's side. 
A video of the scene, posted on YouTube, went viral, with millions of viewers in just a few minutes. 

Florence held Karinya's hand as they both sang Shake It Out and Dog Days Are Over backed by bandmate Rob Ackroyd on guitar.  

Last week, just five days before her death, Karinya spoke to NBC News with remarkable strength as she contemplated her disease.
'Honestly, I think the biggest thing is to not worry and fear,' Karinya said. 
'I tear up a little bit when I say that because it's hard fighting and it's a difficult thing every single day and just to get past every single day.
'But you just have to remember that there's always tomorrow and if you take it one day at a time and just tell yourself don't worry and don't take things for granted and tell yourself that you are loved and you are blessed then it makes it a lot easier to fight.'  


Take a moment to pray for this beautiful soul:'(

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I'm crying like a little child, I was so emotional when I saw the video, not only as a Florence fan, as a human. this really makes me so sad but, I'm really happy to follow this role model called Florence that went to see this poor and amazing strong girl to give her a piece oh happiness. I know that Florence (and all the members of the band) are currently touched by this news, so I am...

Karinya, I don't know where are you, but your live will forever inspire other people and of course, other fans and fanbases, sending love to the family.. I'm really sad right now and crying this hit me so bad... You will always live trought Florence's songs, thanks for insipiring me, beautiful soul <3 

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