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Evanescence Rereleasing Pre-Fallen Demos

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In late August, following a three-year hiatus, Evanescence announced its first U.S. tour since 2012. The outing will run from Oct. 28 through Nov. 23, but frontwoman Amy Lee recently revealed to Loudwire that the live dates are just the beginning of the band's rebirth. 

"There is Evanescence in the future," she said in a video interview. “Not going to go into a ton of detail because I want to take things step-by-step. We’re doing this really cool vinyl box set with all of our albums including pre-Fallen material, which the fans have been asking for forever -- and I kind of hate it so I kind of buried it -- but now I’m letting them have it, so that’s really cool. And did a new recording of another pre-Fallen song that’s really, really beautiful. I can’t wait for it to come out.” 

Additionally, Lee spoke about certain songs she's most excited to break out during the upcoming tour such as "The Change." She said regardless of its popularity among fans, it has remained one of her favorites to perform because "there’s just something about the way I can just release my mind singing it."

I'm excited for the pre-Fallen stuff to finally be released, especially this re-recorded song! Although I always think it's a sign that people have completely run out of ideas when they start reworking their older stuff...

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