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Syrup Amour

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4 hours ago, Dayfid said:

Welcome to PHF! What part of Canada are you from? (If you don't mind me asking :)) I'm from Nova Scotia!

:) thanks and i'm in Quebec 

4 hours ago, Honeymoon said:

Yessss another Lana fan welcome to PHF im also from Canada (Ontario) 

thanks! :D cool there's a lot of Canadians here lol :)

4 hours ago, milanimiani said:

Welcome!! I'm kinda new here too but I already love the site, hopefully you will too :wave:

And yasssss the weeknd <3<3

hi! thanks <3 and yeah love the weeknd haha 

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On 9/30/2016 at 5:11 AM, Countess said:

Welcome boo, glad to have you with us! <3 I've never cared for The Weeknd too much but I do like 'Starboy', how do you feel about it? ;) 

Omfg! I love it so much!! haha! It's so catchy 

17 hours ago, Jump Rope said:

welcomeee!! im a huge lana and melanie fan so im glad you joined! ;)

Thanks! :)

4 hours ago, Goddess said:

Welcome sis!

Thanks ;) 

3 hours ago, Third Eye said:

I hope you are enjoying your time here! Welcome honey <3

Thanks <3 y'all are so sweet :);)

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