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Scrapped Tracklists


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Donker Mag by Die Antwoord (2013)


1. Donker Mag
2. Cookie Thumper!
3. Pitbull Terrier
4. Strunk
5. Cr_s_
6. Sex
7. I Don't Dwank
8. Dis Time I'll B P_____g
9. Girl I Want 2 Eat U
10. Happy Go Sucky Fucky  (awful song name if you ask me)
11. Let's Just B_r____z
12. Ugly Boy
13. You M_d__z To St____d
14. D_h_-T_k One
15. Rats Rule 23
16. Moon Love



From their Facebook. Tried to decrypt as much as I could


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On 6/25/2024 at 11:19 PM, Muri said:

JLO fans.. were Dance Again and Goin' In part of some re-redition of Love? or part of a shelved album?

Neither. "Dance Again", at the time, was either going to be used for Dance Again... the Hits or a new studio album. And "Goin' In" was written for Step Up: Revolution, and later included on the aforementioned greatest hits.

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42 minutes ago, Ice Prince said:

Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault, Pt. 3 EP (scrapped in favour of Expectations)

While no official draft of the EP tracklist has been revealed, with the leak of The Little Things (one of the two only confirmed tracks intended) I wanted to search a little bit about this scrapped project.

The only confirmed songs were The Little Things and Nothing at All, the latter being repurposed for Expectations and eventually scrapped again.

Apparently, she teased Apple, Cry Wolf, Ferrari and Naughty to be possibly released, from which Ferrari ended up in Expectations and a demo of Naughty was released on SoundCloud. Apple had been previously cut from AYF2, and Cry Wolf is an outtake from I Don't Wanna Grow Up. So we have this potential songs list:

  • The Little Things (confirmed)
  • Nothing at All (confirmed, then repurposed for Expectations upon EP cancelation and scrapped again)
  • Apple (possibly, previously cut from AYF2)
  • Cry Wolf (possibly, previously cut from IDWGU)
  • Ferrari (possibly, repurposed for Expectations upon EP cancelation)
  • Naughty (possibly, released for free on SoundCloud)

It's a weird list, I wonder which other AYF outtakes would've been in consideration for the third part (Bed, Death of Me, Fell in Love with a Stranger, Like a Baby, Take It Off, Rome Is Burning rework...)

I forgot about this EP! Is it time for one of your famous tracklist reworks? :hail: 

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