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Trade make me feel sad :(


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4 minutes ago, ohboi said:

Gurl don't even bother. You'll get the song(s) eventually at some point. Cheer up because there are fans who will never get their hands on any songs that YOU have :)

I am not complaining about the song because I know that they will leak soon or later, is about the attitude that people have like they feel untouchable. :( and you are right <3

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4 minutes ago, Tweener said:

That's why I hate trading. It's disgusting and toxic. And it affects your mood, which is terrible..

Anyway. Next time when you want to complain about some dickheads, you can use The Shade Thread. There's no need to start new thread:)

here's the link <3 

Yes :(

Oh i didn't know. Thanks <3 

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