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Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Divorcing; Did She Fake Domestic Abuse?

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 TMZ broke the story ... 3 days after Johnny Depp's mom died, Amber Heard filed for divorce. And one week after his mom died, she's claiming domestic violence.

Amber Heard just showed up in court with a bruise on her face claiming Johnny Depp physically assaulted her and she's the victim of repeated domestic violence ... TMZ has learned. 

Heard showed up with her lawyer, Samantha Spector, armed with photos showing various bruises ... she claims Depp inflicted various times during their marriage. 

We obtained this pic ... showing Amber with a bruise around her eye, which she says Depp inflicted Saturday night. Heard claims the pic was taken shortly after she was allegedly struck.  She claims Depp smashed his iPhone on her face. 

Amber claims during the alleged attack, Johnny shattered various objects in the apartment. She says she was on the phone with a friend during the fight, and when Johnny grabbed her phone she screamed to her friend, "Call the cops!" The friend called 911 and cops came to the residence. Amber says when cops arrived Johnny had already fled, so they took a report. 

We're told cops told Amber they would find Johnny and arrest him if she gave a statement about the alleged violence, but she refused. Officers told her if she changed her mind she could call them. As far as we know, she has not gone back to the cops. 

Heard claims after he allegedly hit her he offered her money to stay quiet, but instead she filed for divorce first thing Monday morning. 

Amber says she has video of one of the beatings. 

It's interesting ... she's asking for a temporary restraining order claiming there's an immediate threat of harm, but Depp has been out of town since Wednesday promoting his new movie. Depp's lawyer, Laura Wasser, appeared on his behalf.


Amber Heard had no evidence of any injuries when cops came to her home Saturday night after getting a 911 call ... this according to LAPD law enforcement sources. 

As we reported when cops arrived Amber refused to file a police report. She now claims Johnny hurled a cellphone at her face, badly bruising her eye, but our law enforcement sources say they saw no injury at all. In fact, we're told she never alleged any brutality ... just that they had an argument. 

Our sources say she refused to offer any more information, so they left. 

As we reported, sources connected with Johnny say Amber is lying ... making up the domestic violence story. One of the things Johnny points to is Instagram ... Amber was tagged in a pic showing she was partying with friends Sunday, the day after the alleged attack. 

The LAPD says they had no reason to believe Johnny Depp struck Amber Heard with his phone when they were called to the couple's apartment. 

This story is so fucking weird honestly. :stretcher: Their marriage was already kind of strange - like they'd both been with partners for years who they hadn't married and then they just randomly broke those people off to get married to each other after like two days. Now his mum dies and she wants a divorce but they have no pre-nup. But now she's claiming domestic abuse even though there was no evidence directly after the fact? Weird af. :/ 

Wait for this to turn out to be a publicity stunt for their latest movie. :morning: 

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1 hour ago, Gone Boy said:

I feel like this is none of our business. Regardless of them being celebrities, I feel like this should not be up for discussion whether or not she was assaulted. This is the court job to judge on that.

I definitely understand where you're coming from, and I think it's a fair point. But I also think the court of public opinion is important in cases when justice isn't served by the judge. For example, Bill Cosby still hasn't been prosecuted of any of the rapes that he's allegedly occured, even though there's pretty much no doubt in anyone's mind that he committed them. I think it's pretty fair for the public to take over in that case.

And as for this situation, it's pretty clear that both of their teams have been leaking their shit to TMZ, so I don't think they're too worried. :morning: 

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