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Natalia Kills - Trouble (Demos) MASTERPOST

Cruel Youth

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I decided to do a masterpost for all the demos for Trouble, just to help people who may need help organizing their collection. I'll be adding download links to the leaked demos later and put the unleaked ones in red. Hope this helps!

1. Problem (Demo 1)

2. Problem (Demo 2)

3. Stop Me (Demo)

4. Boys Don't Cry (Acapella Demo)

5. Saturday Night (Demo 1)

6. Saturday Night (Demo 2)

7. Saturday Night (Acapella Demo)

8. Outta Time (Demo)

9. Controversy (Demo)

10. Marlboro Lights (Demo 1)

11. Marlboro Lights (Demo 2)

12. Marlboro Lights (Acapella Demo)

13. Trouble (Demo)


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On 6/18/2017 at 11:55 PM, euanmelody said:

Is there a list of all the leaked unreleased tracks from Natalia during the Perfectionist era? I have Pretend, Cold, Beautiful, Running and Stranger but are there any more?

I made one but you need to make 100 posts to have access to it

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