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Since we're conducting more and more interviews with your favourite flops lately, I thought I'd make this thread to keep y'all updated on who we have coming up so that if you had any burning questions you wanted asked we could handle them for you! <3 

Coming up this week is Aria Crescendo, who is probably most well known for her time in The Paradiso Girls. If any of you guys have anything you'd like us to ask her, let me know!

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There are two up and coming singers called Jain and Gia who I think might be interesting to interview. Jain does email interviews I believe seeing as most of her interviews are stated to be by email, I might try and see if I can set anything up with her tonight, although I'm going to be away from Sunday so I'm not sure how quick I could upload it.

edit: i'm emailing jain as i write this

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On 7/30/2016 at 9:22 AM, Woodcrest said:

So I've just sent her team an email with the interview, I'm hoping to write it all up either tomorrow if she's quick at responding but if not I'll write it up when I get back from Vienna on the 8th.

I hope that's okay @Countess, I know I'm still quite a new member :flush: 

That's okay, no worries! Just send it to me when you're finished and I'll edit it for you, then we can post it on the front page. ;) 

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54 minutes ago, Countess said:

If anyone has questions for Petite Meller, let me know! I'm gonna send some off to her later today! ;) 

1. Favorite place she visited?

2.Favorite song on the album?

3. Is she going to tour the Europe? come to Italy queen

4.Any upcoming projects?

5.her songwriting process?

6. Dream collab?

7. When can we expect Lil'Empire on CD?

8. Any advice for an upcoming musicians?

9.Fave video she recorded?

10.What is the hardest thing in industry?

11. Can we expect any ballad in future?

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